December 31, 2007

last sunday off

so, this weekend was my last one before starting as the pastor of my new church. I thought about forty times about whether I should go to church there, or take the morning off, or go somewhere else. In most cases, a pastoral move is made during the middle of the week and you start immediately, so this whole, waiting around for my job to start thing doesn't happen.

I decided to wait and not go yet precisely for that reason... well, that and my family was in town and so we had Christmas again this weekend.

It is completely surreal to think that in just a day or two I will start my new vocation. I feel completely prepared and absolutely unprepared all at the same time. I have worship planned for the first two Sundays already - with the exception of the sermons, so that takes a little bit of the work load off. eek - which reminds me that I need to contact the organist and get her the music.

My mom tried to offer me a plate of goodies to take into work with me and share with other people. But I realized... I'm the only one working there! I'm not sure who, if anyone will be in and out of the church. I have set office hours for talking and counseling with people, so I'm sure I might see people then, but other than that - no clue. It might just be me in my little office. Which in many ways means that I need a community online to keep me sane once and a while =) I'm already making connections with a UMC pastors group in a nearby city, and hopefully will connect with the local ministers in the coming weeks. There is also a city administrator's "coffee with the community" thing on Thursday morning that I'm planning on going to. As long as I keep my connections with other people strong, I should be fine and will probably cherish the time alone to think.

Right now, I'm planning on spending my afternoons at home working and/or visiting(except for the days when I have evening meetings, and then i'm taking the afternoon off). It will be a good time to work on my sermons, catch up on reading, etc. That way I really can focus the mornings on being there for whomever stops by and won't feel as if my work has been interrupted.

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  1. Good luck, Katie! I'm sure they'll love you. Especially if there's always a plate of treats waiting for them in your office!