January 4, 2008

first sermon...

I've been working on my sermon for days... it was supposed to be done yesterday at the latest, but here I am, on friday night, on my day off, working on my sermon. I don't even have a proper desk in my office at home yet, so I'm sitting on the floor, laptop on my lap-top, typing away. Only I'm stuck and I get distracted.

In one of my bouts of more purposeful distraction I stumbled across a sermon another colleague has written for this sunday... and it makes me feel very inadequate. I feel as though he has said everything I wanted to say - only so much better. More poetic. I would love to read his sermon aloud. I've already begun thinking about how I would articulate and intone various passages.... and then I realize that I have my own sermon to finish. blast.

I've had a few adventures this week at the church. First youth group night. First visit with a congregation member (officially). So much to say and share about those experiences, but, alas, the sermon still sits there waiting to be finished.

Brandon is fairly frustrated by my procrastination. He has threatened that I don't get dinner tonight until its finished. I really only have like 3-4 more paragraphs to write. But i'm here, typing, instead of there, typing. grr.


  1. First sermon!! I hope it went well, Katie ZD!

    What kind of cat is Turbo? (Besides fast?)

    We miss you, very much.

    Maggie and Glenn

  2. ummm.. one we got at the garden store? we have no idea! he's a boy... and he's quite rambunxious!

  3. hi there- found your place off of emergent on facebook, thanks for linking. Good luck with everything- i look forward to reading about your experience. peace, maria

  4. Thanks for the compliment concerning my old Epiphany sermon. I have added you to my blogroll on my self-hosted site "One Thing I Know," and am looking forward to reading your blog regularly.