December 28, 2007

Holy cow... we are back in Iowa

So, for some of you - this blog just may be a good way to keep up with the Dawson's and all that is happening in our lives. For others of you - you might be checking out what is happening at the church. Others, just want to see if a young woman right out of Divinity School can make things happen in a small Iowa town. Whatever reason you might be checking in - i'll try to keep at least some of you happy, some of the time.

This blog started out as a place where I could share my frustrations and hopes about the church. I'm REALLY hopeful right now. I'm about to start working (in 3 days!) in a small town United Methodist Church and I couldn't be more anxious. I'm both really excited and really nervous about if I'm ready, if they are ready, and what this journey is going to be like for all of us together. But I know that no matter what happens there, my husband is right by my side, loving and supporting me and keeping me from being neurotic =) And having a new kitten purring on my lap as I type this helps too.

We just got internet yesterday, so i'm backdating a few posts. I'll start up talking about all that theology stuff and what i'm going to talk about in my sermons and all of that nonsense in a day or two - for now, I'm still on vacation! Love you all and hope to keep in touch with all of your lives too!!! Oh - and Merry Christmas!

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