July 2, 2011

A summer of confession and struggle and hope

I have decided to journey through the book of Romans with my church folks this summer.

a) it's the lectionary
b) I haven't spent that much time with Romans before
c) it is fitting in nicely with our visioning process
d) it has absolutely positively hit me right in the gut and there is A LOT to preach about

I started off with confession... about one of the worst days of my life recently.  Not that bad things happened, but that I was a terrible, awful person that day. Those verses in Romans spoke directly to my life and so I used my life as a lens for the good news to shine through. 

This might be a very difficult summer of preaching if every Sunday asks so much of us... but I think in the long run, it's going to do amazing things in this church!

I'm going to link here the weekly installments, just to keep them in one place:

P+3 - June 26: STOP... in the name of Love.
P+4 - July 3:
P+5 - July 10: LIFE in the Spirit
(vacation and youth mission trip took up a few weeks)
P+8 - Aug 7:
P+9 - Aug 14:
P+10 - Aug 21:

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