July 11, 2011

pre-vacation lame duck session

It is absolutely impossible to work when you know you are going on vacation in four short days. 

All I can think about are the last minute things I need to purchase and the laundry I need to do and the things that need packed.

image by: getupgirl
Add to the top of that, the fact that the day I get back from vacation we leave for our youth mission trip, and suddenly I have two weeks of fun, sun, work, play, excitement to occupy my mind.

I guess part of that is working, then.  The youth forms need to be three-hole punched and stuck in binders.

I still need to track down flamingos from somewhere for our final fundraiser before the trip.

I need to coordinate folks who are filling in at various times and places for me.

I need to do the computer prep for bulletins for the next two weeks.

But... while I'm doing all of those things, I'm still going to be thinking about curling up on the beach with my kindle. =)

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