December 12, 2009


Last night I watched Julie & Julia.  And as an amateur blogger, I thought a lot about one of the key pieces of her success - she had a focus. She knew what she wanted to do and by golly was going to do it.  And she had a process for doing it.

I tend to just throw out thoughts and see what sticks.  I haven't disciplined myself very well at all as far as blogging goes.  But, a new year is coming up and with that, maybe a new regimine. 

I have a couple of thoughts.

1) organize my posts according to architectural themes and categorize them better.  The architectural thing comes from the idea of things being salvaged, like old wood that is reclaimed to create something new. 

2) have a daily post framework... I've been toying with:
      Lectionary Monday

      Tumblr Tuesday (things I have read on the web in the past week)
      Blue Couch Wednesday (vocation, family, life in general)
      Theology Thursday
      Television Friday
      Recipe Saturday

Anyone else struggle with the same things and how do you go about organizing your thoughts?

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