August 12, 2009

t.v. is taking over my life!

So, I will be the first to admit that I love television. I'm a sucker for an hour long episode (well, 42 minutes). I like to just relax in front of our t.v. and slip away to another world for a while.

The beauty of a television show - especially those "hour long" epi's is that you slowly, chunk by chunk make your way through a story. Yet they are short enough that when my ADD (self-diagnosed) gets the better of my I can hop away and mow the lawn or wash dishes.

This summer, my husband and I have made our way through seasons 1 & 2 of Dexter - a showtime series about a serial killer who only kills murderers and works forensics for the police department. In some ways, it's just an escape, but as a theologian and as a philospher, I also see so many themes that we need to deal with in our everyday lives: redemption, good and evil, morality and sin, what it means to be human.

Our instant play for Dexter isn't available for season 3 so we are waiting for it to be released. And instead, we began to watch Lost.

Now, in the whole time that Lost was on the air, I maybe watched one episode. I didn't want to get into the hype. But now that I have been watching it for a solid week (we just started season 3) I'm hooked. There is so much symbolism and many of the same themes that came through in Dexter - good and evil, redemption, and others - our purpose/destiny/fate, what it means to be family/community, questions of whether there is a God.

For the past few days now I've been thinking about blogging through the series and taking some notes - kind of a gospel according to lost type of thing. As far as I can tell, no one has really done it yet - aside from an article published by the Christian Research Institute. We'll see if I have time to go back through some episdoes and really do it or not.

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