July 17, 2009

First Mission Trip

In about 20 hours, we leave for my first youth mission trip... as an adult that is. I'm excited, nervous, hoping I have all of my i's dotted and t's crossed, but I'm also absolutely positive that I have forgotten something major.

I'm not a details person. I am a big picture person. I am an optimist. And so I plan the big stuff and just pray the details sort themselves out. Which makes people crazy. Like my mom and husband in the weeks before our wedding. Or people at the church when a big event is coming up. The details are better left to other people. They aren't my strength.

That being said - we are using group workcamps to do the details for us. They have given me a list. I think all my boxes are checked! I have things printed out and in a binder. I think I'm ready.

Now I just need your prayers. Prayers for safe driving... especially since it has been a while since I have driven a 15 passenger van. Prayers for our 5 kids and two adults going. Prayers for all of those we will serve this week. Prayers for the 100 people total who will be on the trip. Prayers for all of those who lead us. Keep praying!!!

1 comment:

  1. Katie, next year might your church want to join us on our mission trips? Just an invitation if you are interested. Hope your group did have a great time.