March 15, 2009


I'm home from my surgery (finally) and recovering VERY slowly. It's not so much the pain that's getting to me - it's the digestion. I mean, I've heard about taking baby steps... but this feels like micro baby steps.

When my gall bladder was removed laproscopically, they also discovered some stones in my bile duct, so I had another procedure later that day endoscopically to remove them. I have felt really good for the most part, with the exception of occasionally being sick to my stomach. I'm realizing that I just have to really take it slow introducing food back into my system and that I overdid it yesterday. So today, I'm focusing on clear foods, well spaced out, and we'll see if everything does what it's supposed to!

I'm PRAYING that within a few weeks, everything will be back to normal. I'm quite jealous of all of the people who told me they could eat cheeseburgers that afternoon after surgery. But with the second procedure, my whole system is rebelling and needs some time to heal. I just have to be patient!

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  1. take it easy, kates! take your time. :) thinking of you.