March 3, 2009

just to prove how rediculous I am..

I've been reading this symbolism thread on the ABC Grey's Anatomy page, and ever since the end of S4, when this boy was encased in concrete and Bailey whipped out this whole Han Solo narrative to comfort him, there has been this discussion about symbolic links between grey's storylines and star wars.

The latest:

Richard is totally Darth Vader IMO. This is why I love him. And remember thay Han Solo was FROZEN for a good portion of the story. Han Solo is Derek of course. Leia was the Jedi that never realized her powers. Mer is totally a Jedi.

The thing is, I am really expecting a point at which we see and feel Mer to be innundated with FAMILY. In the same way the little girl who had the army of family behind her we will see Mer to have assembled her own family. Its because she is GIVING. She brings something to the relationships she makes. She doesnt simply take. So if there is a long lost Luke Skywalker who turns out to be Mer's twin brother, then wonderful! lol.

I'm a total nerd. and I love it!

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