February 19, 2009

preparing for surgery

I visited the surgeon's office yesterday and now have my surgery scheduled. March 11. Three weeks seems like a long time to keep waiting - as it has been about 2 already. But at same time, I had a few things in my schedule to work around: namely my continuance interview for provisional membership in the UMC.

Until that time, I'm really trying to avoid fats and proteins. After much of the reading I have done, these are the foods that will activate my gall bladder the most. So high-fiber and low-fat eating, here I come. It actually is probably exactly what I need to lose some weight and be a bit healthier too, so I'm not complaining.

My surgery will be at 7:30 in the morning - four small incisions - and I should be home that afternoon. It all seems kind of surreal to think about - I haven't had surgery since my tonsilectomy when I was little, and don't really remember much about that. I can't possibly imagine how I will feel, what I'll be able to do, how my body will respond. I guess I'll find out soon!


  1. I'm glad the doc figured out your problem.... I'll be thinking of you!

    How much time will you need to take off of work in order to recover?

  2. 7-10 days is what everyone says. I'm going to take the full 10, and two sundays... I have some vacation time saved up and it will be good to have some rest and renewal.

  3. You'll find it painful to shift from sitting to standing. Who knew how many stomach muscles were involved in that? :) Hey---vacation is to be used for vacation and sick leave for sick leave. In other words, take the full ten and charge it to sick leave. Take vacation when you recover! :)

  4. I guess that's what I meant... I have some sick time saved up... as in, I haven't used any of it yet. =)