January 2, 2009


My life in this past year as a pastor has not been that great for my health. I have way too many sweets coming across my office desk from well-meaning and excellent bakers and cooks in my congregation. And since I love food, I can't say no. Not to mention that as a United Methodist every gathering has food of some sort.

I've mentioned this many times, but I haven't balanced my eating habits with my exercise habits well. But finding my rhythm is also about finding better patterns of behavior. So to start off this year right, I dug an unused piece of exercise equipment out of my parents' basement today... and not only did I bring it home - but I actually used it!

I must admit, I'm encouraging myself to work out by allowing myself to indulge in a guilty pleasure while doing so... one episode of grey's anatomy for each 45 minute workout. I have to admit... it's been months, literally, since I last intentionally exercised. And after about 15 minutes, i thought my thigh muscles were going to explode... or implode... or something. But I was almost halfway through the episode and I allowed that to keep me focused and got through the whole 45 minutes. I'm dreading how my legs will feel in the morning.

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  1. I like the new layout. I went to the blog where you downloaded it. How do I apply or download the designs to my own blog? Thanks for the help!