January 8, 2009


A few weeks ago, I blogged about my lack of a 'mom look' and so on the advice of lots of people... as well as something that I just knew I needed to do, I scheduled a youth/parent meeting to try to get more of our adults involved with the youth group. Our first gathering was postponed due to weather and so we met tonight.

We typically have between 3 and 15 kids show up for youth group. It's completely hard to plan things when you have no idea who is going to show up. But I thought, if we have 10 of them show up with their parents for the meeting tonight, we're gonna need a lot of food. I ordered 10 pizzas from Caseys. And when the meeting time came, there were only seven of us there. DOH!

By the time our meeting was over, we had a total of nine youth and five parents at the meeting. I talked with the kids about signing a youth group covenant - mostly about respecting one another and making the commitment to show up on time for events and agreeing to come with an open mind and a flexible spirit. They thought that was just fine and we also talked about what is going to happen if the covenant is broken.

But what I really appreciated was that through the whole thing, whenever the kids got to chatting just a little too much, one of the mom's flashed "the look" in their general direction. Thank God for mommys!

I passed around among the parents a sign up sheet for treats/meals and helping to chaperone/supervise our weekly meetings. I think we have someone for almost all the weeks! I'm just kicking myself for not doing this sooner. We also discussed our summer youth trip and already have two solid yeses for our mission trip to Nashville - complete with deposit checks. Parents are terrific.

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