January 10, 2009


Today the hubby and I got up and headed over to my parents' house for lunch and to see the rest of the fam. But not before we shoveled the driveway. There were six inches of beautiful white fluffy stuff on the drive. And it made the drive quite long.

We had a good day. I hadn't seen my brother and sister-in-law since Thanksgiving and it was nice to just hang out. We exchanged our Christmas presents late, and Brandon and I were pretty excited to get Wii Fit! But I was not nearly so excited when I had to do my body test and had the scale pop up and my mii plumped out to match my current weight. Bleh.

We headed out with some friends and saw Valkyrie and then off to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. All and all, it was the sort of day where i just felt like normal person, instead of a pastor. And I like those sorts of days.

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