September 4, 2008

Weekly Lectionary Reflection

** I'm giving up on my other blog where I only post lectionary reflections... my life, the life of the church, and the texts are not seperate - they all intertwine, so they might as well on my blog too! **

I'm quite far behind this week, as far as sermon preparation goes. I'm increasingly thankful for my local pastor's lectionary study, as we always look at the texts a full week and a half in advance.

This week, I'm thinking a lot about the confrontation that is proposed in this week's reading from Matthew, but also how that is only possible when you are bound together in Christ. So, in continuation with my "ABC's of Being the Church" theme, this week is B for Bound Together.

I visited with a woman recently about these kinds of confrontations when your neighbor wrongs you, and we agreed that it is a horribly difficult thing to do. BUT - in our families, we have no problems telling someone if they have hurt us, or other people. Especially she said as a parent and a grandparent, or as a sibling, there is a lot of intervening going on (some of it not so healthy). But we treat those people who are in the church with us as strangers, as people whose lives are private and none of our business.

Our text this week reminds us that we are bound together. And the Romans passage makes that even clearer as we hearken back to the 10 commandments. While the first commandments are all about honoring and loving God, the rest are about how we are supposed to live in community - take care of one another - don't do anything that would harm the fragile balance of our togetherness - because we all need one another to survive. In the United States, we are so individualized into our family units that we can't see the way that our actions affect other people. Or we ignore the effects. This week, as we talk about being bound together, we have to face the responsibility and accountability that goes along with that.

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