September 2, 2008

it's going to be a long week.

Even though this should be a short week, due to Labor Day, it has only just begun to be long.

I was at the church at 7:00 this morning to work on the church newsletter, which I had forgot I wouldn't have time to print on Monday since I would be relaxing at home.

And then the printer didn't work. So, the group that arrived at 8:30 to fold and mail them had nothing to do =( But they are so gracious and kind and suffer through my failings gently =)

It's also going to be a long week because we have had two deaths in our congregation over the weekend. I have a visitation tonight and funeral tomorrow and I am also meeting with another family this afternoon for a funeral at the end of this week.

Add to that a United Methodist Women's meeting, and Administrative Board, and you've got a doozy of a week.

Prayers for strength and endurance are needed! I'm hoping I don't die of compassion fatigue!

By the way... all of our charge conference forms came in - and there are piles and piles of paperwork to be done... why didn't anyone tell me how busy September would be?

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