September 16, 2008

out of the loop

Alright, I've been avoiding the blog... well, not avoiding it, but i've been distracted by other things. namely - grey's anatomy. Sometimes I'm embarassed about how much I'm into the show... and how excited I am for it to start back up.

But I've also been legitimately busy at church. The week before last I had two funerals, and we are in full out meeting season right now - getting ready for charge conference.

I am desperately trying to get myself back in shape and keep falling off of that wagon - but I did get out and run yesterday for the first time in... oh wow, like 3 weeks.

Our kitties are getting along much better now that Tiki's ears are cleared up (he had an infection) and so we are (sort of) enjoying their frolicing around the house... (it gets a little annoying at 3am, when the little one is trying to eat my glasses and the big one is biting him around the middle and they are both yelping and making all sorts of crazy noise).

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