September 16, 2008

lectionary leanings

This Week's Lectionary

I'm in the midst of my "ABC's of Being the Church" series, and this week we are on "D."

After much back and forth, I finally found the inspiration I needed from Lindy Black's Sermon Nuggets and a thought somewhere on there about Daily Bread.

Our lectionary readings talk about the gift of manna in the wilderness, about the joy of fruitful labor, and about the undeserved pay for the workers who were chosen last.

I think I want to focus my sermon this week on how undeserving we are of the daily bread God gives us. We pray the Lord's prayer almost as if the daily bread were a right, and not a gift. We stand after a long days work and demand our wages, not remembering that it was a gift to be chosen for the task in the first place. We think the work we are called to is a means of getting somewhere else, instead of seeing the work itself as a blessing - our work every day for the Lord.

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