July 26, 2008

Updated "Back to the Basics" Fall Plan

,I've gotten some inspiration on the alphabet thing...

The overall theme is going to be " Back to the Basics of Being the Church" (we made BE the CHURCH t-shirts earlier in the year). I'm also going to be tying in some of Robert Schnasse's ideas from "Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations" - but not in as obvious a way.

I'm not quite sure if I'm going to go strictly with an alphabetical listing anymore... but, if I do, here is another stab at it:

A= Acceptance of God (and who God is... not who we want God to be)
B= Body of Christ - Blessings and Curses - We're All In this Together (this one is a little rough still)
C= Care for One Another (its a stretch from the readings... I may just have to go off lectionary for this one and tie these scriptures in with the previous week)
D= Dealing with Doubters and Grumblers
E= Emptying Yourself & Putting on the Mind of Christ
F= Fallen Family & World Communion Sunday (talk about our lack of unity - and confession)
G= Grace (tied in with Radical Hospitality - Five Practices)
H= Holy Humility (tied in with Passionate Worship - Five Practices)
I= Incarnating Christ to Others
J= Journey to the Jordan (All Saints)
K= Kingdom of God is Near (tied in with Intentional Faith Development from Five Practices... keeping your candle ready)
L= Living out of your Potential (tied in with Extravagant Generosity from Five Practices - parable of the talents)
M= Mission (what we are called to do. tied in with Risk Taking Mission and Service from Five Practices)

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  1. Katie,
    What an interesting and creative plan! I'm interested to know how it turns out. I hope you'll share your experience on FivePractices.org so others can learn from what you're doing. Blessings, R Schnase