July 26, 2008

a new seed has been planted

I desperately needed to get away. I needed to clear my head and spend some time with my hubby. I needed to pull myself back far enough from all the ins and outs of the church to think about the big picture of what I'm supposed to be doing there (because - after 6 months, I'm starting to get a better idea). And I needed to replenish my spiritual life.

I'm embarassed to admit how far away from my own spiritual disciplines I have gotten. About a week before vacation, I looked into my prayer journal and noticed my last entry was from March. MARCH! Seriously people. I've done plenty of praying, plenty of bible study, plenty of worshipping... but all in the context of my job, of church, of what is expected of me... none of it for myself - none of it just for me and God. And I started to get back to that in the few days before I left and then had the opportunity to spend time each morning, in the amazingly beautiful outdoors of northern wisconsin with my devotional time.

I have a great resource that I use: A Guide to Prayer for All God's People and it really helps not only center my thoughts, but I love the readings - I loved the fact that it also feels worshipful to sing and pray and that there is a psalm that guides me through the whole week. I highly recommend it!!!

Now that I'm back home, I spent my first morning on my back porch with a cup of tea and my devotional. And it felt good. And I finally feel like I have the clarity I need about what to do with my youth this fall - with my preaching this fall - with everything really. it's taken me a while to get there, but things kind of have fallen into place. Now I just need to get it all on paper and present some ideas to the Administrative Board... and get some advertising going to try to bring back in old members who haven't returned and to reach some other parts of our small town.

I'm excited. I'm rejuvenated. And even though tomorrow is a day off for me - I'm going to go to church with my congregation anyways. I thought about visiting somewhere else or taking the sunday off - but I WANT to be with them =) And that is a very very good feeling.

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  1. It IS a good feeling! I'm so glad for it. Praying that you will remember to take care of you...though we always seem to need reminders, no?