July 6, 2008

sunday afternoons

i LOVE sunday afternoons. they are one of my favorite times in the week. the time when I really feel like i have nothing to do, nothing waiting for me, and often when I can relax with family (and a glass of wine).
we often go to my inlaws for sunday afternoons for a casual dinner of burgers and chicken, and whatever else gets whipped up for the day. There are usually about 10 of us over there, sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the day. And especially during the three warmer seasons, we sit on the deck or on the swing and just talk. let go of everything and just be. it is wonderful. the kids play, the grown-ups talk, and everything seems right with the world.

today, we have one of the few days in recent time where there is no where to be. and that feels good too. no obligations. no commitments. just me and my hubby and our computers =)

weekends are a time for us to play computer games together. he is a big fan of world of warcraft and I like to play with him. and i'm working on getting better gear for my character, so this is a good weekend to play and veg out on the couch earning honor points =)

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