June 12, 2008


right now, our state is experiencing the worst floods EVER recorded here.

The town that I am serving is so far semi-okay... the levee is holding, but the water is only .7' below the levee - and all day long, storms have been springing up. Last night, the river was only at 20.1 and now it is at 21.35 - levee at 22'

Because of flash flooding, and because all of my family was in Cedar Rapids (about 30 miles away) I headed up to be with them. My husband was helping his family out there.

Cedar Falls and Waterloo yesterday and now Cedar Rapids today are experiencing horrific and unimaginable flooding. Coralville and Iowa City are next. We have already had water past the bounds of the 500-year flood plain.

I just sit here and am absolutely amazed. at this point, there is nothing we can really do in this area. it's just coming.

Some of the most awe-some images I have seen have been of the National Czech and Slovak Musuem which is surrounded by floodwaters - at least 4 feet deep. And so many houses are underwater. The water keeps rising in downtown and we have no idea when a crest will be expected. The water is supposed to raise at least another foot and a half in CR.

Please keep us all in your thoughts and prayers. My family is all safe and sound - and right now that's all that I can even begin to think about.

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