June 20, 2008

Friday Five

So, i've been hanging out a lot at RevGalBlogPals.blogspot.com when I work on my sermons and prepare for worship and what not. and they have this thing called friday five where there are five things to blog about... so i'm going to start doing it.

This week: Free word association with the following words

1. rooftop

for some reason, I am thinking of my kindergarten christmas music program and doing a little song and dance to "up on the rooftop, reindeer paws, out jumps good old santa claus"

2. gritty

there is sand everywhere. gritty gritty sand. and much of it is because of the flooding we have been experiencing. i helped fill sandbags twice and it was good, hard, fun work. so that part was good. but then, having to see all the awful, stinky, sopping wet mucky sandbags left behind after the flood waters on wednesday - didn't seem so fun anymore.

3. hot town (yeah, I know, it's two words)

thinking again of children's songs - and climbing volcanos! my family has made several trips to hawaii - oahu more specifically - and always make a trek up Diamond Head. there is a great trail leading up the inside of the crater and into the military bunker. we always take the kids and sometimes they need a little bit extra push to make it all the way up. so we sing camp songs the whole way. one of which is about the great chicago fire "it's gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight.. FIRE FIRE FIRE"

4. night

I just read "the curious incident of the dog in the night-time" it was such a great book! it is written from the perspective of a young boy with autism and it was just so engaging... it really had the ability to get me out of my own state of mind and point of view and into his world - i felt very connected to what he was going through, what he was afraid of, and when i finished, really wanted to know more about autism and programs to help children find their voice. it really felt like i walked a mile in his shoes... i highly recommend it!

5. dance

wow - i haven't been dancing for a long time. Probably since my brother's wedding last September, and then my own in August. Either I need a girls night out, or i'm just going to have to hold out until the next slew of weddings comes along this August. I have three weddings back to back! eep!


  1. Nice play! I read the book you mentioned in #4 last year. Bought it for my mom-in-law, too, since she's spent her career working with autistic kids.

    Oh, and the reindeer? They don't have paws. I was several years out of college before this fact dawned on me! They pause on the roof. With their hooves holding them there.

  2. lol.. you know, as I was sitting here typing that, I couldn't remember which one it was! so I picked paws, and you're right, it has to be the other =)

  3. I, also, really liked "The Curious Incident...." and immediately thought about how the boy wanders around at night. I don't know if that's a typical activity but it rang true in the book.