November 22, 2011

size 8

I think one of the hardest things for a pastor of a United Methodist Church to do is to lose weight.

There is food everywhere.

And not just food... good food. 

Baked goods after church.

"Snacks" which amount to a three course meal during bible studies.

Church suppers.

Youth group (and the leftovers which get sent home with me).

Food everywhere.

And I like food.

About 6 weeks ago, I started working out more on a regular basis.  I'm doing this combo of weight training and cardio and I'm following the plan outlined with the dvd's and I'm trying (trying!) to eat better.

Sometimes the scale doesn't always show results, but the tape measure has... an inch here, two inches there. 

I can actually see definition in my arms - I have biceps!!!!!

And yesterday, when a gift card from my favorite store arrived in the mail, I went shopping.

And fit perfectly into a pair of size 8 brown trouser pants.

I'm realizing that the more I talk about my goals, the easier it is to accomplish them.  So thinking long range, a size 6 might be nice... I'm not sure I ever wore a size 6 - to be perfectly honest.  But that size 8 pair of pants makes me SO happy.  It is so encouraging to already see a difference and to celebrate that milestone.  So I'm shouting it from the rooftops!  

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