October 11, 2011


Ten days ago, our church had a fall committee retreat to begin dreaming/planning/living into the new vision for our church (to reflect the light of God).  My people worked SO hard and did such an amazing job and we now have five vision areas and four key results that we want to work (with God's help) to achieve:

We want to reflect the light of God by:
1) Spending time in the light
2) Being on FIRE as a church
3) Being a beacon in our community
4) Passing the light on
5) Letting our little lights shine.

And the areas we want to see results in are:
1) Be intentional about helping each person connected to our church grow spiritually
2) Empower every person to claim their gifts/assets and offer them to others.
3) Become a more visible presence in the community to make a positive difference for good.
4) Care for and about every person who comes through (or has come through) our doors.

As we continue to imagine the possibilites, we are revamping our administrative and committee structures, we are throwing out new ideas, we are leaving behind things that bog us down, and I am so re-invigorated for what ministry can look like here in Marengo.  It is so much fun to be a part of this church and to keep dreaming about where we might end up!

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