August 25, 2011


There has been a lot of talk on the airwaves lately about ideology.

Mostly regarding economics and politics and the way people played chicken with this debt ceiling question.

As I heard a debate a few weeks ago, I actually thought that someone had said "idiotology" and it got me thinking.

Are our attachments to certain beliefs just plain stupid?

One part of me wants to leave the post right there, with the question dangling.  But the other part of me wants to start making a list of all the beliefs we hold that classify as "idiotology."  My better instincts are prevailing...

Let me just say that a blind holding to a line of argument without regard to context, new information, audience, or actually listening to a differing viewpoint often leads us down the paths of "idiotology."

I'm not going to point fingers... but it is going to be a LONG election cycle.

And looking ahead to our own Christian conferencing in the United Methodist Church with General Conference in 2012, I pray that idiotology might stay far, far away from our deliberations. 

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