July 1, 2011

Friday Five: Blogging of yesteryears

I... like quite a few other folks who read the prompt this morning on RevGalBlogPals.blogspot.com have decided to get back into the game.  here are the questions, and here are my responses...

1) Have your blogging (writing/reading) habits shifted since the days of yore?
Photo By: Kriss Szkurlatowski
Absolutely.  There were days that I was posting something every single day. I'd get home from work and the thoughts would be reeling and I'd hop on my computer and post something.  Or I'd wake up in the middle of the night and run to my computer and post something.  They were sometimes funny, sometimes simple, sometimes deep, but I was doing it regularly. My reading was definately more sporadic... usually whatever popped up at the top of my google reader page... so the more you posted, the more I read you. 
Lately, my blogging has NOT been a habit at all.  It's something I do when I have nothing else to do and it's still "work time."  At home, I have to cook, clean, garden, and sometimes I'm just exhausted.  I miss the processing time that more regular blogging gave me.  
2) Do you have some favorites that you miss?
The bloggers I miss most are my food bloggers... Bread and Honey was an absolute favorite for me and the posts are more sporadic. I also haven't done the best at staying in touch with others that aren't listed here. 
3) Are there some blogs you still put in the 'must read' category?

I think most of my favorite theology/ecclesiology writers are still regular bloggers. John Munier @ An Arrow Through the Air, Jay Voorhees @ Only Wonder Understands, Dan Dick @ United Methodeviations, Jessica Kelley @ the Parsonage Family, Matthew Kelley @ The Truth as Best I Know It, Kristin @ Halfway to Normal

 4) If we gathered at your knee, what would you tell us about those early days of blogging?
I started with things like livejournal, and I'm not sure that I ever cared very much about comments.  But then I began to see that blogging can be a conversation and a relationship with other people over the things that we write about.  And I have been a very bad friend lately.
5) Do you have a clip or a remembrance of a previous post of yours or someone else's that you remember, you know an oldie but goodie?
for your perusing pleasure, a link to an early post, and the first post after my introduction to RevGals... I think I chose this one because it brings up the kinds of questions that I try to ask on my blog, and also because it was one of those moments when I knew I had found something special with the community at RevGals... It is also a reminder for me that I really do need to start doing this more regularly. 


  1. This is great, thank you so much for playing today!

  2. I am so glad you put that many links up--later today I will be visiting your blogging friends and also look at your first RevGals post. Thank you for taking the time to do this, though right now I am finding I've spent too much time on this FF and have to get busy!

  3. I may have just been here the first time, though sometimes I'm unaware as I'm multitasking...but I like your energy and I'll put you on my list to read. I don't think I know any Methodist women voices that I read regularly....and will be glad to see your point of view.