June 4, 2011

traveling light?

My family just got back a few days ago from a trip to the Lake of the Ozarks.  It was a Christmas/Anniversary/Birthday gift to our parents from all the kids.  We rented a huge house on the water and had four glorious days to spend with one another.

Packing for such an adventure was a different story.  Sure there was a full kitchen with appliances - but would they have salt and pepper?  Tupperware to store leftovers? Parchment paper for under the oven fries? The absolute best price on steak we had seen for months?

We all threw in what we thought was good and necessary... including the whole watermelon I had left over from a youth event the Wednesday before. And that car was PACKED to the BRIM with our stuff. 

Of course, then comes my brothers and sister-in-law.  A backpack with some clothes and some sneaks =) 

I am procrastinating right now, because what I should be doing is finishing my packing for Annual Conference.

I've got the prerequisite clothes, but I must admit I packed an extra outfit or two... it is supposed to be in the 90's two of our days and we are going to be sitting in a60 degree cool airconditioned hall - it makes it hard to predict what to wear.

I cut down on weight by putting all of my annual conference materials on my kindle... but then I found room to pack some notecards and thank you materials.  And a journal for taking notes/putting ammendments.

I need to bring two different knitting projects for the long hours spent sitting.

And walking shoes for walking... and flip flops for hanging out in the sun on breaks.

My laptop for the room.

My camera to document the artwork installation and to add pictures to the online conversation.

Try as I might, I never can seem to pack light for Annual Conference.


  1. Hey this is Bethany Johnson - from Des Moines, Carol Sundberg introduced is super briefly at the clergy session yesterday afternoon. I've heard about you from other people and would love to get to know you better! My new appointment starting July 1 is as Associate Pastor at First UMC in Ames.

    My big question here is - how did you get your AC materials on your kindle? I just got a kindle and I would love to be able to do that!


  2. you connect your kindle to your computer via the cable that came with it. Then you open up the documents folder on the kindle in your windows explorer and paste the pdf's. It's really that simple!

    It was great to quickly meet you... I hope to hear more from you!