December 15, 2010

Remembering in Five #reverb10

In a year full of ordinary days and moments and the little things that we do and quickly forget... here is to taking five minutes to capture what we shouldn't forget.

  • snow disc golf at Lincoln Park in Belle Plaine... we bundled up and had a ton of fun romping in the snow =)  I actually shot pretty good as well!
  • my ordination... that is one thing that I probably couldn't forget... and I've talked about it already in these prompts
  • our family trip to Hawaii - just being there with all of those wonderful people was amazing but there were also a few highlights of this particular trip:  Pearl Harbor with Brandon, spending some time driving on the west coast of the island, the extraordinarily difficult hike up Koko Head Crater, the ways that Brandon and DJ bonded with each other
  • our time at Lake Okoboji... lots of storms, lots of adult beverages, wind, water, and far too much food!!!
Wow - was that really only five minutes? 

The time went far more quickly than I would have imagined.  If according to the prompt for today's reverb10 post:
Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2010 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2010.
There are a lot of things that I didn't get a chance to write about. So many memories that would have slipped away.  It makes me want to do it over... to try to pack as much in as I possibly can so that I really won't forget.

Ready: go!

  • snow disc golf
  • my ordination
  • breakfast before my ordination with the Pickens/Liles/Dawsons
  • Hawaii with the Pickens
  • Koko Head Crater
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Lake Okoboji
  • watching my neice and nephews grow up
  • putting my little nephew to sleep
  • learning to crochet
  • making three blankets for the niece and nephews
  • taking my brother to Kansas
  • "come to the table"
  • disc golfing this summer with the guys
  • our wednesday night worship service
  • planning worship with Sean for the order's gathering
  • going to the Iowa/Penn State game with my dad
  • crock pot pizza
  • awesome carrot cake
  • painting the church fellowship hall and getting to pick all the colors
  • upgrading the church's technology (new televisions and computer)
  • really diving into Twitter
  • Advent Blog Tour
  • my ordination hot pink and blue monkey
  • Clergy Benefits Conference
  • Roller Derby with Allison
  • our young clergy lunches
  • Ben and Kayla's wedding (and all that it entailed!)
  • Christmas with the Pickens
  • Thanksgiving with my family and the Dawsons
  • Gma Mardell's death/funeral
That was a bit more to include... a few more highlights and lowlights of this year.  A whole bunch of things that I had completely forgotten that were a part of this twenty-ten experience for me.  Really important things that I need to keep with me.  Thanks for the opportunity...

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