November 14, 2010

Why I'm not blogging right now...

A)  Life at the church hit the ground running in mid September and hasn't stopped since then.

B)  When I'm not at church, I'm desperately trying to spend more time with my husband and family.  Sometimes with little success, but I'm trying.

C)  T.V. shows are back on... and I have some crocheting projects that occupy my time while I watch said shows.  It helps me to feel like I'm not completely wasting my time.  As does my ongoing commentary about where God shows up on television shows (see the link on the menu bar "God and TV").  These crocheting projects will be gifts for my neice and nephews this Christmas.  Some of you have seen me working on these projects at various conferences this year.... little by little, I'll get there! 

This green blanket is for my nephew who just turned one.  It is made from 64 little tiny squares.  I have finished with over 40 of them already and I have started stitching them together.  As you can seek, Tiki likes to help out. 

This blanket will be for my nephew who just turned nine.  He is getting to be SO big.  After doing the other two blankets in pieces, I knew I wanted a project that I could crochet without having to put together.  This was the perfect pattern for something simple! 

This last blanket is the first one I have finished.  It is for my neice who is in kindergarten.  She loves pink and purple!  This blanket was made in strips that were then stitched together. 

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