September 10, 2010

Sleeping Habits

It has been a LONG time since I have played the RevGals Friday Five, but here goes!

...our Friday Five today will focus on sleep, or the lack there of.

1. Are you prone to sleep challenges? Insomnia, snoring, allergies? Other sleep challenges?
hmm... my husband claims I snore - but I am about 10,000x quieter than other members of my family.  After spending a weekend with our inlaws, I think my husband was actually grateful for how quiet I am.
2. When you can't sleep what do you do? Toss and turn? Get up and read? Play computer games?
I usually just lay there.  I'm still pretty young and I haven't quite experienced sleepless nights yet.  Although the worst is when you don't feel good and can't sleep.  I just roll over and pray that I drift off.  Mostly I let my mind wander and think of all the things I need to do (I get a lot of sermons revised during these moments... as long as I remember my thoughts when I get up the next morning)
3. When you do sleep do you remember your dreams? Or just snipets of them?
There are some dreams I remember vividly... and if I was smart I'd write them down and write them into short stories.  I've come up with some amazing dramatic little tales in my dreams.

4. Can you share a funny or confusing dream you've had? Or a dream you have over and over?
I used to have this dream that I was at the Living History Farms in Des Moines, IA and we were wandering through various centuries of farm life and there was a tornado.  We had to run away from this monstrosity that was coming towards us.  I think I've had that dream at least five or six times. Tornados are supposed to be symbols of change and warning in our dreams, so I wish that I had paid more attention to what was going on in my life when I have had those dreams. 
5. When you don't sleep how do you get through the day? Lots of coffee? or a nap later in the day?
Coffee tends to give me a headache when I've had too much.  I try to nap, but mostly I just push through it and crash at the end of the day.  As a person who pulled all-nighters in school, it was a badge of honor to push through it without any kind of stimulant help.  The NEXT day was always hell - but there isn't much besides sleep that can help me.


  1. Pullled all nighters WITHOUT coffee..yikes. I have never done that. But I sometimes think I'd feel better pulling those all nighters if I had avoided coffee...LOL...sigh... thanks for playing I enjoyed reading what you offered up!

  2. ahh, yes, let me rephrase. I use coffee during the all-nighter... but I can't do it the day after. Once I've reached a certain point, nothing will help and I just gotta push through it - pure adrenaline!!!

  3. Fun to read, esp. from a younger point of view!

  4. I will confess. I never pulled an all-nighter while at Vanderbilt. I just never found myself in that position. Perhaps there were a couple of classes I would have done better in had I done so. I'm not trying to brag. In fact, sometimes I feel a little cheated. LOL

  5. Hehee - you missed out on the full experience!!!

    I have to admit that almost all of my allnighters were in Dr. Meeks' classes! There was something about wrestling with Methodist theology that kept me up later than it should have ;)