September 17, 2010

Baby Showers?

This week's Friday Five from RevGals almost has me down in the dumps.  You see, my husband and I are undecided about whether or not to have kids.  Or rather, we are each decided, just in different directions.  And it seems like EVERYONE I know is having a baby or has just had a baby and it's making me a little bit crazy. I see pregnant people everywhere and I keep having dreams about pregnancy and babies and I'm not quite sure what to do about it, except to sit back and wait.

So, while I'm waiting, I'm going to do the Friday Five...

I hope you'll participate in telling about your likes and dislikes about baby showers for you and for others.

1. What were baby showers like for you and your friends in the past?
None of my best friends have had babies yet!  Which is kind of interesting.  All six of us graduated high school in 2000 and none of us have kids.  Although many of us want them and are secretly dying inside.  I have however been to many baby showers for family members.  They usually consist of cute little games, cute little things to eat, lots of pastel colors everywhere, and gifts - lots of gifts.
2. Did you play games? What kinds?
Most of them consist of guessing the date and time of birth, guessing the weight, giving advice to moms, etc.  I have thrown a baby shower - and we played this awesome game where we melted candy bars inside of diapers and then you had to go around and taste each one and guess what kind of treat it was.  It was really gross - and a lot of fun.  We had a co-ed party for that one and the guys kind of liked the game. 

We also played a version of "apples to apples" where we used only the adjective cards.  We wrote down things you have around babies, like cribs, spit-up, diapers, crying and then everyone had to put in an adjective card.  The new mom got to pick the best one each time.  Which worked really well - except you might want to sort through your adjectives first... some of them are NOT appropriate when thinking about healthy little bundles of joy.
3. In your job, especially if you are a pastor, do you get invited to a lot of baby showers? What do you do about them?
Haven't been invited to any yet =(  I think that is a hard thing to say yes to, because often they are on weekends - which is sabbath and family time for me.  I might send a card or something.
4. Are baby showers different for our daughters (or younger friends) than they were for us?
Not quite there yet... I think something that has changed a little bit, however, is that showers get thrown for second and third kids now, too.  My sister-in-law just had her third and we threw her a big party.  In part, it was because for her first two kids, they were far away and so we just didn't do anything from the family.  There was also a bit of a gap between her other kids and this one and there are so many new and exciting products out there now.  They needed some new things that they just hadn't kept from the first round of kids.  I heard that for the first baby, you can throw a "shower" and that for the other ones you can have a "sprinkle" - but we just had fun and went all out.
5. Do you like hosting baby showers or do you avoid that responsibility?
I think that it is a lot of fun to host baby showers.  We did a frog theme for the last shower I hosted and it was kind of cute and fun.  I can't wait for my siblings and my friends to start having kids =)
Bonus: Any silliness about baby showers you wish to contribute.
What?  The dirty diaper game wasn't enough? =) 


  1. I hadn't heard the dirty diaper game before. You gave me a great laugh.

  2. Other shower games that are fun: pass around a roll of toilet paper or string and have each guest tear off the length they think most accurately fits around the mom-to-be's belly. (Not good if the mom is self-conscious about her size.)

    Also, a memory game where you display a tray or basket of baby items, then take it away and have people write down all the things they can remember. This is easy if the hostess has a baby herself, or you can go out and buy all the stuff and just give it to the mom-to-be as part of your gift.

  3. The dirty diaper game sounds cute, gross and delicious all at the same time. My daughter-in-law is worrying about some of her friends who haven't gotten pregnant yet, hoping she is not making them feel badly--though I've tried to remember that the only feelings each of us is responsible for is ourselves. Thanks for playing; I really enjoyed your answers.