March 23, 2010

Because they didn't let me give up...

While I was on vacation with my family these past few weeks, we had quite a few trials and tribulations to undertake.

First of all, there was the struggles with health that might have prevented some of us from even going.  But with a lot of prayer and new ideas from doctors and a perseverence to keep going, almost all of the Pickens clan made it to Hawaii. Continued prayers are needed for my cousin Steven and his family as now they return back to reality and try to find a solution that will help him to get back to a new normal with his platelet levels.

A more humorous adventure was when my husband and brother decided to tackle the biggest omelet I have ever seen: the Moose Omelete at Moose McGillicudy's. This thing has 12 eggs, bacon, sausage, onions, red peppers, potatoes, mushrooms and, I swear, a whole block of cheese. I was there to document the whole thing and to act as a cheerleader.  If they ate the whole thing, they would get their names on the wall and a free t-shirt.  If they didn't - they had breakfast to take home for the next three days!

The boys each got about half way through their respective omelets.  All of my encouragement couldn't have got them through it.  They'll just have to train their stomach's for next time!

A day later, we had a completely different kind of endurance test.  We decided to hike Koko Head Crater.

Now, we had hiked Diamond Head Crater before this.  That hike is about 30 minutes to the top and is a pretty long path that winds around on the inside of the crater.  The hard part is a series of 99 steps into a bunker and then a spiral staircase that takes you up two stories.  But that, pshaw, that was a piece of cake compared to Koko Head.

On Koko Head, you climb the outside of the crater.  We followed an old railroad line that was probably used to haul carts of supplies to the top where a bunker was and back down again.  But now - now it is a long, steep, straight climb.

I kind of thought I was in shape... or at least not out of shape.  But I got to the first of maybe 15 electric poles running up the side of the trail and I was winded.  I set my pace and shot for two more poles, and I was beat. 

I literally gave up twice on the hike up.  I thought I was going to puke or faint or some combination of the two and I just couldn't go any farther.  But my brother and husband kept me going.  They didn't let me give up and instead put me in front so that they could keep encouraging me from behind.  And I made it - all the way to the top - which was one of the most amazing things I have done in my life.

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