November 12, 2009

traveling light

This morning I embark on a trip to Indy for emergingumc 2.0.  And although it's a three day thing - I'm taking with me just one bag... my carryon.  I'm packing light.  I have just the basics.  And it feels good.

Not that getting through security in our little city is difficult or anything.  But if I don't need it, then why bother?  I have my toiletries, clothes for two more days, my laptop and a book. I'm set.

I breezed through security.  Well, almost breezed through.  I brought my water bottle - thinking it would come in handy at the conference and the lady at the checkpoint very kindly told me that I couldn't take the content through.  she suggested I water the plants with it.  What a great idea!  So I did, and then I breezed through the rest. 

It had been a while since I have flown.  Maybe two years?  It used to be such a common occurance in my life that it has been easy to slip back into familiar patterns.  Laptop in handy neoprene sleeve? check.  toiletries in baggie? check. I.D. out with boarding pass so they can do their fancy light wand thingy (which was new)? check.  Awesome airport cafe with free wi-fi?  check.  Btw - that awesome mural spins - very slowly - but it makes a very neat and pretty calming effect.

It's nice to get away for a day or two. And what I'm realizing is that I'm not only traveling light luggage wise, but also with very little emotional weight.  My husband and I got a dent made in our leaves yesterday and even more importantly - we had a lot of fun working together on that project.  My life has been crazy busy lately and we have been on slightly different schedules - so it was nice to spend that time with one another.  Worship is all taken care of for Sunday - and I don't have a sermon to write. I got to watch glee last night which always makes me happy.  And there is a cup of coffee in my hand.  And the guy with the laptop at the other table is listening to "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas. The sky is clear blue. I'm feeling great. (although my back does hurt a little from using unexercised muscles raking).

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