October 26, 2009

ordination papers and other tasks

This morning I put a sign up at the church letting people know that I would be working from home for the next two weeks.  The big reason:  Ordination Papers.

I had originally planned on just getting out of dodge for a full week and going somewhere quiet where no one would bother me.  But I can't find a full week anywhere in my schedule.  And realistically - I would die of boredom holed up somewhere with only my laptop and some books to keep me company.  I need to work on this gradually - a few hours at a time - and then know that I can watch my favorite television shows at night and cuddle with my hubby.  Well, all of those things plus the fact that I never actually scheduled a full week off to do this and I can't find any time in my schedule now to make it happen. 

So instead, I'm going to keep myself away from the lure of the office and hole up in my office at home.  I'm going to light some candles and wrap myself in an afghan and sit on the couch and work.  I'm going to keep Pandora going in the background and use up all of my 40 hours... and then get another 40 hours the second week with the change in the month!  I have already cleaned the house, the laundry has been caught up and so there aren't unnecessary distractions to worry about there. I'm also planning on taking a couple of walks here and there out in the fall leaves for some spiritual renewal in the process.

The only real distractions I face are two-fold: the everyday church stuff that needs accomplished - bulletins, newsletter, advent prep and msn games.  I'm covenanting with myself not to play zuma or mah-jong tiles for the next two weeks. And I'm going to bust out the church work this afternoon - at home, in the safety of my office - so that it's done and I won't worry about it when I get going on something else.  I'm going to create bulletins and then on Wednesday - while my wonderful volunteers are putting together the newsletters I'm going to print out - ahead of time - all of the bulletins.  It will be done, and I will be able to spend the next week and a half focusing on what I have to do.

Keep me in your prayers as I first get some tasks accomplished and then dive head first into 40 pages of work!!!

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  1. Caffeine.

    And jokes. Slip a few jokes in to keep the committee awake while they read them.