September 18, 2009

television favorites

I just got to watch the first episode of a new season of Bones. And it just makes me happy! There is something about this unlikely match between Bones and Booth, the scientist/rationalist and the person of faith/instinct that really resonates with the way I view myself and my husband. Only we are opposite the pairing =) I'm the person who goes with her gut and trusts in things I can't see. And half the time my husband and I can't understand one another - and yet it works!

That and then you thrown in the mystery of the crime and the little things that make me laugh and the slight element of danger... it's a great show =)

I'm also looking forward to Fringe - which is next on my "to watch" list. I know I said I'm not the scientist, but really I'm not the rationalist. I love the para-scientific elements of the show. I like the mystery involved in what might be possible. I love Walter and his slightly off view of the world and Olivia and her quest for something stable and her super inquisitive drive.

And then there is Grey's. Which begins next week. I have high hopes tempered by disappointment from two... maybe two and a half seasons... of slight disappointment. I'm really upset that George is dead. And I'm not digging the fact that there are so many story lines going right now that I get to see about 5 minutes of each one in each episode. I'm hoping for a more cohesive focused direction this season. With humor, wit, love, angst and all of that good stuff thrown in. I want something that will match the caliber of the bomb episodes... and the normal everyday conversations about breakfast and the SUBTLE background about feminism and can we have it all and sex and relationships... not all the in your face let's make a big deal and have a whole episode about it type of thing. My fingers are crossed - but I'm holding my breath.

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