September 17, 2009

Reading the Church into the individual

Lately I have begun approaching scripture with a whole new set of eyes. As I think about what it means to be the pastor of a congregation... even more than that, what it means to speak the Word to the congregation... I've started thinking about "we" instead of "me."

In my preaching, I have felt less called to preach to our individual responsibilities, but our communal ones. I have felt called to talk about our unity in the body of Christ and our task to work together for God's kingdom. If I truly believe in a perichoretic God, then it only makes sense!

For that reason, I look at scriptures like the one from this week about the first being last and servant of all and I wonder what that would look like if as the CHURCH we put ourselves last. What would it look like if we who are in the church put the needs of others first? What would happen if our desires took a back seat to God's.

Does anyone else read the scriptures in this way?

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