September 10, 2009

Moltmann Conversation - Notes from Opening with John Franke

1. Job of theology - what is God doing in the world today? in the church today?
2. Have you ever noticed Christians don't and have never agreed? especially on BIG issues!
3. How do we make sense of that?
4. It's not THE Christian tradition, but many traditions and ways of Christ.
5. Franke hopes in part that his work (Manifold Witness) will cause people to stop asking why the emergent village doesn't have set theological beliefs/values
6. the proper way to understand orthodox Biblical Christianity is diverse and pluralist and that is what God designed!
7. Emergent village values church in all its forms
8. 16th century debate = struggle to come up with one right way , but we value plurality.
9. we ALL do theology - not one right system of doctrine, not experts who stand at the front who tell everyone the way it has to be... but within the framework there will/should be a HUGE plurality.
10. Explorations in Theology "Thelogy was and still is an adventure of ideas.... the road emerged only as I walk in it, shaped by personal experiences and political climate of my time. Not concerned with correct idea, but want to explore what is new - and to help others discover theology themselves." - Moltmann
11. "Don't ever let my theology keep me from seeing what you are doing in the world" Franke's prayer
12. We have to be faithful to the vision of plurality we have set for ourselves... How do we open up the dialogue and expand our demographics? Include more people!! The church NEEDS all the nations - all voices, all people.

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