September 10, 2009

Moltmann Conversation: Lightning Round

• JPII: He was a good pope.
• Pannenburg: he is a very dear friend and opponent
• Bonhoffer: died too early
• Alfred North Whitehead: very complicated to read
• Derrida: hmm… I think postmodernity is just another form of modernity.. okay – we have universal dangers which we can meet only united, we can not split up and everything goes and everyting had their own narrative… we live under the strength of the climate catastrophic, over the strength of terrorism… I don’t see why we should give up these universal questions we have to face and answer for this time of postmodern
• Hauerwas: New Testament speaks not about a peaceable kingdom but a peace-making kingdom.
• Martin Luther: Great German & Reformed… MLK – what is the difference?
• Newman? - there was competition between us - great hermeneutic theologian, more adventurous, but since we are both retired, now we are good friends… good beer and a good glass of wine
• Augustine – ask his wife about him… too close to his mother, but I guess that happens
• Freud – there was a colleague of mine who said you can understand Freud only if you know Austrians in Vienna – he served during WWII in an Austrian unit and they only theme of Austrian soldiers from the morning to the night was sex.
• Marx – I like the early Marx, not the Marx of the Capital – early Marx had influences on ___ philosophy, the naturalization of human beings and the humanization of nature, early writings was right and the communifest manifest is one of the great documents of the 19th century, even if you disagree – one of the texts we should read
• Nicholas Pusso? I may have missed my classes on him
• Mirslav Wolf – dear friend, gifted theologian, he came to me in Tubingen to write his dissertation on work and Marx, and when he discovered I had not studied that, this was the beginning, but then he was drafted and when he returned, he was full of signs of suffering and resistance so I loved him very much when he returned from Yugoslavia wounded. And then he wrote a book on unity… and now he’s going on writing. Wanted to go to Heidelberg… or you go to Yale and become American postmodern theologian
• Schleirmacher – lot of criticism of his methods… but most of all that he disliked the OT – the relationship to the OT is the same of the Xianity to other religions, and this is not true. It is for my reformed communistic presby heritage, the OT is tof the same significance as the NT for me. I read the two testaments parallel to one another – they both point to the same future coming of God
• Pelagius – he is the saint of American Christians.

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