September 26, 2009

love list

Kristin T. over on Halfway to Normal has been talking a lot about love lists lately.

a list that you make over time detailing the things you love most in life—the things that make you feel most content in the world, and most like you.

She goes on to say that while this is very personal sort of thing, that there could be accountability built around sharing our lists with one another. So she lists four "steps":

  1.  start making your love list! I love the part about how we shouldn't just sit down and brainstorm, but we really should pay attention to whenever we feel complete and good and whole after we have done something - and THEN add it to the list.
  2. Ask why that thing is on the list... what is behind it?
  3. Share on twitter #lovelist
  4. share progress on Halfway to Normal on Friday's.

I'm going to do this!!!  Mostly because I really need something to help me focus my life right now. Some days I feel like I'm just floating waiting for the next thing to come. Some days I feel like I've wasted so much time that I can't enjoy the things I really care about. I feel like I'm making so many poor decisions (not major decisions - but little ones like how I spend the first 15 minutes when I get home) because I don't have any criteria in place. I haven't thought enough about my day to really consider what is the most important and what brings me the most joy.

This also makes me think about the fact that I haven't yet done the Time Management audit my friend Jessica Miller Kelley suggests we all do. It helps us figure out our true priorities in our day so that we can figure out if we need things to change.

For me, this isn't just some creative way to schedule.  It really is a spiritual exercise.  If the Holy Spirit is the agent of life and joy in our lives - than am I ignoring the Spirit on a day to day basis?  How can I pay more attention to the gentle nudges?  How can I better align my will with God's will?  Where do I need to adjust some things in my life and possibly even let go of somet hings, so that I can more fully experience the gifts and the blessings God has surrounded me with? 

In three weeks, I'll be joining other young adult clergy at a retreat and one of our "sessions" will be on time and scheduling. But I think in many ways this whole idea of priorities and what we love needs to be a part of that conversation. I can't guarantee I'll have a handle on anything by then, but if I make a start, maybe I'll have something to offer to the conversation.


  1. Katie, I'm so glad you're not only thinking about your love list, but also that you wrote this post! I feel exactly the same way about the process as you describe here—that it's a spiritual exercise that's rooted in paying closer attention to the nudges of the holy spirit. I also can relate in your feelings about the small decisions you make in your life regarding how you spend your time. That's exactly how I've begun to get off track, I think, and why I decided it was time to take back my life. I can't wait to hear more about what you discover along the way!

  2. Hi Katie,
    I came across Kristin's idea a couple of weeks ago, and have thought much about it recently. Really identifying those things we love, and then understanding - at a deeper level - why that is - can be powerfully connecting. And it all really does help us better grasp what are OUR individual priorities in our life...

    Great thoughts here!

  3. Thanks Lance for coming across my site! I hope to continue having conversations with you =)

    Kristin - thanks always for the ideas =)