June 2, 2009

preaching in spanish

I should probably also post about the amazing experience it was to PREACH in Spanish!!!

Thanks to Adrianna, our translator, I was able to take my sermon for our bi-lingual pentecost service and preach it in BOTH languages.

I was nervous, but really just more excited about the opportunity to do it. And when I got up there, it all just rolled off my tongue. Well, except for the r's because I can't roll my r's yet.

I know I made tons of mistakes, but I did it!

I think what was also amazing about the service was that for the first time in a while I felt like I was really worshipping. I felt like the music and the words and prayers and even my own preaching just flowed over me. The Spirit was ABSOLUTELY there and I felt so at peace and refreshed afterwords.

Bill Cotton sent out in his weekly preaching memo today something about the two pentecosts - the noisy clamor filled one from Acts, and the quiet breath of peace from John. There may have been multiple languages being spoken - but I absolutely felt Christ's breath of peace as the Holy Spirit washed over us.

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