May 6, 2009

The Very First Dawson Garden

My first vegetable garden has officially been planted!!!

I'm following some square foot gardening principles, although I didn't build a box or put 6 inches of dirt on top of the dirt that is already there. And my squares are 2x2...

Farthest back on the left is carrots. Then in the next square is lettuce and some banana pepper plants. More banana peppers in the third square, then tomatoes in the final 1 1/2.

On the right side, the first half square is empty and the other half is turnips. Then I've got a full square of cucumbers. Next is 1/2 square yellow squash, 1/2 square zucchini. And finally the last square and a half are green peppers.

It's not a huge assortment, but it's a start. I might pick up some seeds for the other 1/2 square later.

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