February 13, 2009

worn out.

I am absolutely exhausted today. I think in many ways I'm just trying to get caught up from an overly busy and stressful week. We have a fundraiser dinner for our kids on Sunday that I've been getting ready for and in the midst of all of it, I have been working on some medical appointments for myself.

Evidently, what I had assumed were acid reflux attacks are actually gallstones. And my gallbladder needs to come out. Which actually is a HUGE relief for me. After I found out that it might be gallstones I started doing a ton of research and it really fits the symptoms that I have been experiencing. As does acid reflux. But if it is mostly gallstones - that means that many of my symptoms might go away. I had gotten so used to a number of the things happening in my body, I thought they were normal. I'm looking forward to actually BEING normal again. But until I got the results, there was a lot of stressful waiting. And now there is waiting to see when exactly the surgery will be scheduled and how much I need to do beforehand to prepare for my time off. And a huge part of me just wants to do it now - get it all taken care of, and have a solid week off to breathe and recouperate. It would be nice to get it done before Lent starts. But then again - that means finding someone to fill in for me on very short notice.

We also had two funerals in our church this week, and I have gotten back on track with visitation of our homebound members. But in my efforts to catch up, it meant that I visited five people in one day - which has me socially spent. I never doubt that I'm an introvert after visiting with people. They are dear and wonderful people, but it takes a lot of energy for me to spend time with people. As opposed to extroverts who gain energy when they spend time with people.

I really want to curl up all day - but I need to get the bidding sheets done for our auction, and I need to get the fancy Japanese beer for our Asian inspired fondu party in honor of Valentine's Day with my sister and brother in-laws. Crap. And practice guitar. I'm taking lessons from my brother in law, but I always forget to practice. well, with the busy week I had, I didn't take the time.

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