February 3, 2009

opportunity knocking?

I got an email from my college chaplain yesterday, wanting to know if I wanted to apply for his job.

He's asking for a pastoral appointment in the conference and so my alma mater is hiring a new chaplain.

I kind of freaked out a bit when I got the email. I really wasn't quite sure what to think, although I was honored to be thought of. I've been stuck in a rut this week, really wanting more professional colleagues, more intellectual discussions, wanting to get out of the cycle of having to preach. every. week. And so 10% of my being thought... wow - this could be exactly what I need right now!

But I really feel called to be in this congregation. We are only just beginning to really get things moving and started and the momentum is good. We are going to shake up this town in the next two years, I can completely feel it. And I'm ready and they are ready and I can't leave them right now. We are just getting settled into our home, we are close to our family, and working on building those relationships... my dad wouldn't be close enough to come fix my car when it breaks down... lol.

I am where I need to be. And while I might want some of those things that working in the college setting would offer - I am needed here. and I need to be here to grow in the ways that God is challenging me to grow.

Ask me again in five years, and I might have a different answer.

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