February 14, 2009

it's the small things

People might ask me what kind of amazing things my husband did for St. Valentine's Day. And to be honest, I was kind of dreading that question, because we had already promised not to do anything for one another. We have done a lot of the romantic cheesy stuff already - we've been together for over 9 years now! And sometimes we don't feel very creative.

So, with the pressure off, I just kind of enjoyed my day.

And you know what I got.

1) a cuddle on the couch during a movie. Ever since we got our sectional in the basement, we have each had our side of the couch. (which to be honest is more comfortable) Tonight, we cuddled up together on the one corner, just like we have done since our very first movie watching - Jaws.

2) I got a promise that he would wash dishes and do laundry - all of it. I've been really busy lately, and most of that category has been my responsibility. He chips in, but he also does a lot of outside stuff, cold or warm, and he cleans the bathrooms. (yuck). It was kind of a routine that we had settled into long before marriage. But tonight, he said he would take care of it.

3) all day, he kept reaching over and touching me - grazing my hair or my arm. Some of it was tickling, but mostly, he was just close. And it was super nice. I credit our rearranged couch. (although I totally hate where it is placed - but that is a different story... it's a lot harder to hate now!)

It really is the simple things that matter the most.

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  1. I think that is really sweet and great! I asked for paint! It was such a wonderful gift to receive - we finished preparing the walls to be painted downstairs - yipee!