January 5, 2009

The Progression of a Desk

I walked into my office today, after about a week and a half of chaos and disorder.

And while I don't feel like I actually got a lot of tasks accomplished (like my candidacy continuance interview forms), at least the desk got cleared off, the old mail was gone through, and I updated the calendar with the items that need to be done in the coming days.

I find that it is nearly impossible for me to get things accomplished when there is clutter in my life. Everything needs to be put away before I can start afresh. And in the process of sorting and stacking and simplifying, I usually discover something that has been left undone.

Clutter seems to always have been a part of my life. There are some people in the world who are neat and organized, but I have always had a habit of just leaving things around. Nothing gets put where it is supposed to - at least not right away. Organization is an evolving process in my world.

I was fairly proud of myself though. We had purchased some hats and noise makers for New Year's and typically, we wouldn't have anywhere to put them and they would simply be added to the clutter of other things. But now that we have abundant closet spaces in our home, they got put in the seasonal closet: which is a strange assortment of vases and roaster ovens, an easter basket, coolers and sleeping bags. Each of the items in there is used only a few times a year - so it seemed like the perfect place to store them. And now I know where to look come December 31, 2009.

Now if I could only figure out to do with all of our clothes. The problem isn't space (although we could use another dresser). The problem is the weekly task of actually doing the laundry, sorting it, folding it, and PUTTING IT AWAY. I'm thinking I just need to go through everything and make a huge pile for giveaway. half of it I don't wear anymore... it's amazing how many grad school clothes just aren't appropriate for church work.

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