January 25, 2009


My ghetto cruiser decided to fall apart on Saturday morning. I was stopped at an intersection about three blocks from my house (after driving to Des Moines and back on Friday and to my parents and back right before this incident) when I began to turn the corner. And heard a big clunk and felt the front right side of my car drop to the ground.

My stupid ball joint broke on the tire, which caused the suspension to fall to the ground and the tire to tilt periously within the wheel well. And then I got to sit there, in the frigid cold waiting for my husband to bring the phone book and then wait with him in his car while we waited for the tow truck and guarded my car - which was in the middle of the intersection.

I was secretly praying that it would be a major repair. if it was $1500 or more - I was going to say screw it and just get rid of the car. But alas, the ball joint costs only $50 and my dad is coming over Saturday to fix it with my little brother. I so desperately want a newer, more fuel efficient, potentially hybrid, vehicle. I'm the type of person who should be driving around in a cute little VW beetle or a Prius. Maybe that's a bit yuppy of me, but it just suits my personality so much more than this big black Lincoln Towncar with the chrome side panels. *sigh*

In other news, church went pretty well this morning. I had a pretty long teaching sermon on the Lord's Prayer that I think got kind of wordy and long. I would definately do it differently next time. We are doing a six week study on the Lord's Prayer based on "Becoming Jesus' Prayer" and this week was all about what the prayer teaches us about what it means to be faithful. Perhaps I could have broken the sermon into two sections, but then it wouldn't fit nicely into my Epiphany Season series. Oh well.

I did find a great children's sermon where we made a prayer sandwich - putting five themes of the prayer: praise, hope,depend, forgive, goodness - between two slices of bread. The kids really liked the silliness of it all.

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