January 22, 2009


I'm all alone in my work at the church - at least as far as paid help goes. There are great volunteers who come in to fold the bulletins and newsletters, who take care of the sanctuary (candles, communion), and who help with other areas. But to really be effective in my ministry, it would really help to have a paid administrative assistant - even for 10 hours a week.

As I have been thinking about this a lot lately, I talked with my cell group Monday about what kind of job description this would entail. And I realized from talking to one of them that I am really looking for someone tech oriented. Her parish secretary uses a computer like its a typewriter - and I need someone who can help me utilize technology to help us do the work of the church.

Here is the start of my wish list:

1) send out weekly postcard reminders for upcoming meetings
2) format and print the bulletins weekly (volunteers can still help fold and stuff)
3) collect newsletter articles, format, and print monthly newsletter
4) update our website with relevant information and stories
5) order supplies/books, keep resource room/office stocked and organized
6) maintain electronically (computer and web) as well as on paper (large wall calendar) a master calendar of church activities.
7) be contact for scheduling of weddings/meetings at the church.
8) NOT be a church member

What would you add to this list? How many hours a week would be reasonable for these tasks?


  1. I'd be interested to know why you don't want a member of your church.

  2. everyone I have talked with has recommended this position not be filled by a church member. most of their reasons relate to the fact that if for some reason they are not the right person for the job, it is 10x harder to fire a church member, than someone else.

    Maybe I'm around people who have been burnt one too many times?

    I do see the benefits of someone who is already involved in the church - they already know how things work and the people - but I can definately see the benefits of someone neutral, someone who doesn't have a history and sides already staked out.

  3. Hey Katie - good logic to have someone from outside of the church; from another perspective, when you work for the church office, Sunday worship loses all it's appeal because everyone remembers what they were going to call you about this week... and want to talk to you as you leave or are drinking coffee!!

    As for working hours - advertise for 20 hours a week - this makes it managable for a cute older lady to come in and help out OR a student who can't make full time work into their schedule, both lovely to have around!

    Happy advertising!