January 20, 2009


I got to watch the inauguration after holding bible study at church. Three parishoners joined me quickly in my office to watch the cnn.com live feed on my laptop.

I've been watching tv pretty much all day and really feel like there isn't a lot left to say. It's all been said, or at least I've had all the rhetoric and ideas and phrases spun around my sphere of influence that I'd probably just repeat other people's profound thoughts.

I thought of all the moments I wanted to share, to remember, to really carry with me, the first was Rev. Lowery's benediction. It was real and authentic and funny and gave glory to God and moved the crowd and he's a United Methodist.

Second, how cute President Obama and the First Lady look while dancing (and how amazing was Beyonce's version of "At Last"... which got old after the second time... although they didn't) They kind of did the same spiel at each ball stop, although I was really touched by some of the things he said at the youth ball.

They really just have this aura of real and true love and confidence in one another and just seemed to be having such a good time. It was refreshing and beautiful - Rachel Maddow said something about how it must never get old to dance with your beloved. Beloved is a really good word to use to describe at least what I saw today.

Third, it really is amazing how much technology has played a part in this inauguration. I just looked up at the t.v. and there was an image of a crowd waiting and the stage lit up waiting for them to come out and there were all of these little blue squares. I realized they were all digital cameras, held up by the crowd, pointed at the stage. All of those little screens waiting to take pictures, like lighters held up at a concert. I don't know if it's just because I'm paying attention this time, but I can't remember other inaugurations bringing this many people together in so many ways and all of this technology being employed to bring the message, the celebration to so many.

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