December 3, 2008

papers and work and delegating

I am exhausted this morning. And I really need an assistant at the church. If by July I'm still feeling these stresses, I'm going to insist that we hire someone part time. Because I have so little time to do the things that I really need to do.

For example. I got up at 6:30 this morning to finish typing newsletter articles. 1) yes, other people should be helping to write articles... that will be addressed starting in January, 2) once I get the articles typed, I have to arrange them on the page and then I head to the office to print out all the copies.

Part of this is my fault. I love doing graphic related things (not that kind of graphic!) And I'm the one with patience for the copy machine that jams every three copies. And in some ways, its easier to simply write up the quick announcements and articles myself instead of tracking down 10 people to each write their little piece. So I have done it myself.

My point is - all of those tasks above can and should be done by someone else. My contribution should be my montly column, coordinating with others re: the calendar and that's that.

I'm getting better about delegating. sort of. I have someone in mind to take over the newsletter if I can convince her to do it. And I'm meeting with someone next week about helping me to coordinate visitation to our homebound and nursing home residents and new visitors. I figure, if I have someone telling me who needs seen on any given week, it will be easier for me to follow through!

I've also been trying to make some long term plans for ministry for next year. But again, I think I'm taking too big of a chunk of the work for myself - at least planning wise.

We are trying keep our committee meetings to 6 per year (some meet too often with little to do, and others only meet once or twice a year - this is an attempt at compromise). So I got to brainstorming and realized that six meetings neatly helps our mission team to focus on one color of our Rainbow Covenant each month - if, that is, our Special Sundays are handled by the worship team. So I brainstormed what would be logical colors to focus on based on the mission activities we do in various times of the year. And I called our mission chair into my office and wanted, really, to say: here is an example of how we can arrange our year. She breathed a sigh of relief - I'm so glad that you did that, because I thought you wanted me to! (doh!)

If I can give the team the outline - and they are the ones who implement it... is that still okay?

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